From cartoons, books, animations, and films, Garfield is widely acknowledged to be the best cat character yet. There was a time when many, many fans considered Garfield to be their “spirit animal.” After all, what’s not to love?

Garfield, a cute orange-furred cat, is related to almost any human being on the planet! He loves his morning coffee (but hates Monday mornings), eating lasagna and pizza, and bumming around most of the day, every day. Beyond that, however, Garfield's most distinguishing characteristics are his self-assurance and his tenacity in his quest for perfection.

Read on to discover some things you might love (and relate to) about Garfield.

Garfield is a Certified Lasagna Lover

Garfield believes that eating can occur whenever the stomach chooses. I am in agreement. Exercise. Garfield, unlike other animals, does not chase after their tails or butterflies.

Because he is opposed to exercise, you can feel better about skipping your gym session. He dislikes physical activity and considers lasagna to be his favourite dish. In fact, he defends his decision never to share a lasagna with anyone.

Garfield Can’t Stand Monday Mornings

You have those moments when you wish you could contact your supervisor at 7:00 a.m. on a dreary and frigid Monday and tell him or her that, like Garfield, you loathe Mondays and will be absent for the day. Despite Garfield never really having to go to work, he hates Monday mornings just like the rest of us!

Garfield Says What We are All Thinking

Garfield is able to relate and articulate just what we are thinking. On top of that, he also refuses to eat raisins, uses snarky humour, and believes he is perfect! 

Just like most of us, raisins are highly despised by Garfield due to their foul odour and sticky feel. Garfield notices this and makes a remark about it. As a truth-teller, his wit and sarcasm are all admirable qualities that allow him to get away with attitude! 

As such, maybe we should all be like him. After all, his confidence and self-assurance are admirable qualities that we perhaps lack in ourselves. He will never allow anyone the satisfaction of putting him down because he is well aware of his own appeal.

Garfield Never Feels Bad about Oversleeping and Not Exercising

In this day and age of social media, we feel the need to impress and look our “best.” Meanwhile, Garfield teaches us not to be so harsh on ourselves as he himself doesn’t exercise. When it comes to oversleeping, we’ll probably never catch him feeling sorry about it! Garfield enjoys sleeping off, unwinding, and resting.

Unlike us humans, we have to be adults and carry on with our workdays, trying to accomplish deadlines and squeezing in a workout or two. See? Maybe it would be great to experience being Garfield, even for just one day!


If you’re familiar with Garfield, you'll know isn't always as sassy as he appears; around Pooky, he reveals a more sensitive side. Again, just like us humans, we all have a soft side. Now that you know these things about Garfield, you’ll grow to relate to and love him even more!

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November 24, 2022