Tee shirts are basic clothing pieces people should have. They are essentials needed in everyone’s wardrobe, making dressing up more accessible and laid back. But over time, tee shirts transformed and became statement pieces worn to highlight various themes. For example, graphic t-shirts can serve as merchandise for a popular TV show, movie, or artist. However, people forget that the process of maintaining basic t-shirts can become different from graphic-printed tee shirts. But what are the best practices in maintaining graphic-printed tee shirts? Here are some ideas.

1. Consider Handwashing

It would be best to consider handwashing your shirts to avoid ruining the graphic prints anywhere on them. Handwashing would keep the shirt clean while preserving the design. The colour of the design will last longer, and the design will not fade away too soon.

Handwashing is also the best way to preserve the feel of the shirt. After washing, most t-shirts will feel soft to the touch, but some will feel stiff. For example, a 100% cotton t-shirt will feel soft, while a 100% polyester t-shirt will feel stiff.

2. Use Mild Detergents

Most laundry detergents are designed for all types of fabric, but some detergents are explicitly intended for t-shirts. These detergents are usually designed to be gentle on the material and will not cause any damage to the shirt.

If you cannot find a t-shirt-specific detergent, you can use a mild laundry detergent. You should avoid using detergents that contain bleach or other harsh chemicals. These chemicals can damage the fabric and cause it to fade.

3. Allow Air Drying

T-shirts made of cotton can take a long time to dry if they are machine dried. Meanwhile, high heat can cause the fabric to shrink. Therefore, people should allow t-shirts made of cotton to air dry. However, for polyester shirts, it is better to have them air dried as overdrying the material can cause shrinkage. Over time, it becomes brittle and more prone to breakage. But for people considering using the machine dryer, it is more suitable to use a dryer without a heating function. If not, select the lowest heat setting possible.

4. Iron the Underside

Ironing can help remove wrinkles from t-shirts. However, people should iron the underside of the shirt. People should not iron the front side of the t-shirt. Moreover, there should be a layer of fabric between the iron and the t-shirt. People should use a piece or a cloth placemat to prevent the iron from damaging the t-shirt. It is also ideal to follow ironing instructions based on the t-shirt's material. Otherwise, the iron's heat will burn or damage the shirt.

5. Avoid Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners are great for making t-shirts feel softer. However, they can also damage t-shirts over time. Fabric softeners can make t-shirts feel stiff and sticky. They can also make t-shirts more prone to attracting dust and dirt. Fabric softeners can also make t-shirts feel oily and oily t-shirts are more likely to attract bacteria. Another problem with fabric softeners is how they can degrade the ink used in t-shirt printing, making the design look paler than intended. Instead, use half a cup of vinegar to ensure fabric freshness.


T-shirts are a great way to show your personality. They are comfortable and stylish and come in various colours, designs and styles. T-shirts also make great gifts. Purchase one for you or your loved one today.

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September 01, 2022