If we have silk or cashmere clothing, we will immediately send them to the dry cleaners for special care. We would do the same thing for wool and linen. How about your graphic tees?

We might be able to buy several graphic tees for the price of one cashmere sweater, but it does not mean that you should care for it less. We are often plagued by faded t-shirts or cracking images.

If you do not know how to prolong the life of your graphic t-shirts, then you will be spending more money on new ones every few months. There are several ways to extend the life of your graphic tees. This blog gives tips on how to care for them.

Wash the T-Shirt Inside Out

Always wash your t-shirts inside out. This way, the image will not fade off quickly. If the image is already fading, a gentle washing will not be able to help, and you have to throw it out.

Some graphic tees come with removable stickers. If you have one, remove the sticker and wash the t-shirt normally. Wash the t-shirt both inside out and with the image side down.

Stick to the recommended washing time and temperature. When you are uncertain what to do, read the instructions on the t-shirt. Sometimes, following the instructions will be enough to prolong the life of your shirt. If not, you can google the specific t-shirt that you have.  

Use Cold Water

Using cold water is necessary if you want to keep the colours of your graphic tee. Do not use hot water because it will fade the colours. Cold water is gentle and will keep the graphics' colours in place.

As mentioned, use cold water when washing your graphic tees. It is a step that many people fail to follow, but it is necessary to make the colour last longer. Hot water fades the colours quickly, so use cold water instead.

Washing clothes at lower temperatures is also sustainable as it helps cut CO2 emissions and conserves energy making it better for the environment.

Be Gentle 

Do not use harsh washing powder or clothing detergent. Please only use gentle detergent. Do not rub the spots or stains. When you wash your t-shirts, do not scrub them.

It would be prudent not to soak the t-shirt. Imagine what would happen to your favourite graphic tee if it spent its night soaking in the water. It would be damaged, so you should avoid this.

Avoid Using the Dryer

You can take advantage of the sun to dry your t-shirts. It is a gentle way to dry your t-shirts. The sun is gentle and will keep the colours in place.

If you put your t-shirt in the dryer, avoid using high heat. High heat will cause the colours to fade quickly. Never put your t-shirts in the dryer.  


Follow these steps, and you can keep your graphic tees (and other clothing) in good condition for a long time. It is also an excellent way to save money because you do not have to replace your graphic tees every few months.

Washing inside out will protect the image, and you can use a mild detergent instead of hard soap. Sun is also a good option for drying your graphic tees. Avoid the dryer. It is hard to control the heat, and it will fade the colours.

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August 19, 2022