"Wassup?," a commercial for Budweiser that debuted during the Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000, is a hilarious tale of friends bonding over a shared love of the brand while using a landline phone to yell out their greetings. A lot of people think it's the greatest commercial for beer ever made.

The campaign was an overnight sensation in popular culture. The catchphrase "Wassup?" became a staple of TV talk shows and was even parodied in movies. The commercial took home a Grand Clio and a Grand Prix at Cannes. It spawned a slew of imitators, with variations on the original subject such as "Wassup girlfriend?," "Wassup grandmas?," "Wassup wasabi?," and even "Wassup SuperFriends?," a parody of the original ad that included Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more from Cartoon Network.

Taking Notes from Budweiser's Successful Beer Ad

The success of Budweiser lies not only in the quality of its beer but also in the effectiveness of its marketing initiatives. In light of this, let's take a cue from their playbook and consider their strategies.

1. Event Sponsorships

Sponsorship is a great way for businesses to expand their consumer base, gain positive press, and boost revenue. It allows you to provide your clientele with something truly special, which may go a long way toward establishing your company's credibility.

And that's the real secret behind this advertising campaign for beer. Budweiser has been affiliated with one of the major sporting events in the world for over three decades, thanks to its membership in FIFA, which began in 1986.

In that instance, Budweiser isn't just appealing to its typical clientele but also to the FIFA crowd.

2. Reward Your Target Market

Free stuff is a close second to discounts in terms of customer appreciation. Rewarding loyal clients with suggestions for promotional products is a win-win.

Everyone appreciates a freebie once in a while, so customers who feel appreciated will be more loyal to your brand.

3. Make Adjustments to Your Products as Needed

Including your brand's logo and colours on promotional items is a surefire method to make them more memorable.

Don't forget to brand anything with your company emblem before launching a marketing campaign, whether it's in-store or online.

When consumers are in the market for products like yours, they will be more likely to consider your company and its offerings.

4. Put Together a Well-Organised Product Display

Keeping a product display pleasant to the eye is an effective way to bring in customers. After all, nobody wants to buy from a store that has broken window displays. Products that are neatly arranged on shelves are not only easier to find but also more appealing to the eyes of the consumer.

It's easy to spot Budweiser merchandise because of how well it's displayed in the lobby of a store. If you want to attract customers, you must carefully consider where and how you display your products.

5. Be Specific in Your Advertising

Last but not least, keep your campaign simple for your customers to understand. Everyone may not have the time to go looking for information regarding your current in-store special.

Because of this, you should be clear and concise with your terms and conditions to prevent confusing or frustrating your clients and cater to their busy lifestyles.


Budweiser's notable game plan as the most-talked about drink is a great way to get people interested in the product. By using a variety of marketing techniques, they are able to reach a wide range of people and create a buzz around the brand. This strategy has worked well for them in the past, and they continue to use it to great effect. We've even got some of their classic designs in our collection, shop for your Budweiser T-shirts right here.

Be sure to take note of them all and establish a memorable brand that will skyrocket your products and services to the moon.

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January 12, 2023